Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life in form 6

Contrary to what other people say,form 6 may be quite fun if u have the right friends and teachers. Mostly everyone will say that form 6 is a time when u study continuously and you have to work extremely hard. However i beg to differ. i am not saying that form 6 is easy and very relaxed but i just want to say that time a form 6 student must know 2 to manage his time wisely.You must have your share of fun as well as work.
I had the best group of classmates back in form 6.( i would like to thank my classmates for making form 6 enjoyable 2 me) My classmates back in form 6 were very active and supportive. I had my first tang lung party back in form 6. I know i am a Malaysian and i should have experienced it long time ago , but i guess i didn't have the right friends when i was a kid.My class organised several class parties as well as class trips where i was able to bond more closely with my classmates and get to know them even better.