Sunday, May 31, 2009

frens will always be frens...

how many of us can actually say that we still hang out with frens in our class like 3 or more yrs ago???...well i definitely can...i seriously feel that my frens are one of a kind... and i truly feel that in 20 yrs 2 come we still will be close and hang out eventho we may be working in different corners of the country or even different corners of the earth...
Recently we betarians(thats wat we call ourselves) went 2 the famous genting highlands(or as i like 2 call it-uncle Lim's place) not all of the betarians could make it due 2 sum circumstances...however, we still enjoyed it... we especially enjoyed the rides...however, we only managed 2 go 4 a few rides onli due 2 the rain...
one of my fren(u know who u r) is terrified of heights...he didnt follow us 4 most of the rides...we managed 2 persuade him to go on sum rides tho...the ones that doesn't involve extreme heights...basically he was the cameraman of the day...sorry...i guess the nex time we plan our trips we shud plan sumwhere that can satisfy every1...
i do not want 2 talk much abt our trip...just wanted 2 add the pics...enjoyyyyyyyyy

All rounder or A star student???

This question reflects my life a lot...which 1 would u like 2 be???
Personally i feel that sum ppl prefer 2 be a straight A student without having a life outside the WORLD OF BOOKS...y is that so??? the answer 2 that is very simple...STRESS(frm every1 around it parents,friends,relatives or just personal stress 2 be the best)
For me i want 2 be a all rounder...i just feel that we have only 1 life...every1 is entitled 2 live their lives the way they want it 2 be...y must STRESS from the ppl around u force us 2 be sumone we r not??? I may say this but i still want as many A as i can get...however i feel that i wanna achieve it differently frm others...haha sum ppl may say that this is only a dream and can never come true...but i feel that nuthing is impossible....
Being a medicine student that just finished my 1st yr...i know that it is not impossible...i didnt do as well as i wanted 2 do but i will not lose hope...i will strive 4 the best i can be but without comparing myself 2 others...every1 has his/her own abilities and strengths...every1 is stop comparing urself 2 others...u may just end up hurting that just plain STUPID???
look at the pictures below carefully...which 1 would u like 2 be...the 1st, the 2nd or in between the both???

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Live to Love

LOVE...what does this mean to us??? most of us think of girlfriends/boyfriends or even your spouse or our family when we hear the word LOVE.... what we do not understand is that we must not only love people we WANT to love but to also love everyone that deserve our love( and that does mean everyone on the face of our planet called earth) will not be satisfying if we only love the people we want to love and if we only get the love of people that want to show us love!!! This world that we live in now is filled with hatred and suffering... almost everyday we read about some fellow human as ourselfs getting murdered,killed,raped or whatever other evil acts this cruel world can think of... the main cause of the suffering is the lack of love in the world we live in now...there is more hatred than love in the world we live in now... people nowadays do not care much about the suffering the people around them... yes, we may feel sorry or sad when we see a young orphan or a beggar in the streets but what do we really do to alleviate their sufferings??? we must ask ourselves this question... the simple remedy to all of the problem on earth is LOVE... we should start by showing love to our family then to our friends and then to strangers... saying I LOVE YOU doesnt mean a thing if you do not show it

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The exam oriented nation

I know many people will agree with me when i say that exams have( may i say ) damaged our way of life. Yes i do agree that exams has it benefits, however i feel that we(mainly refering to asians) have got ourselves very obsesed in getting the best possible result we can obtain. Personally I don't really see the big deal about getting straight A's or getting the top student award. I know there is that feeling of joy and pride when u get a result slip with all A's but that feeling may last for only a day or maybe 2. I feel that there are much better things in life that can bring us joy. I feel that the exam orientated lifestyle only constricts our creative mind. We only know what we know from the books. Most of us only memorise several thick books and then vomits out what they have learned during their exams. I don't consider these people(including me) to be smart. My definition of a smart person is a person who can think analytically and creatively-a person who can use what they have learnt and try to make something out of it. A person who will ask WHY and HOW and not only says YES. So i advice you people to not only commit your life to your studies and get your creative juices rolling.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life in form 6

Contrary to what other people say,form 6 may be quite fun if u have the right friends and teachers. Mostly everyone will say that form 6 is a time when u study continuously and you have to work extremely hard. However i beg to differ. i am not saying that form 6 is easy and very relaxed but i just want to say that time a form 6 student must know 2 to manage his time wisely.You must have your share of fun as well as work.
I had the best group of classmates back in form 6.( i would like to thank my classmates for making form 6 enjoyable 2 me) My classmates back in form 6 were very active and supportive. I had my first tang lung party back in form 6. I know i am a Malaysian and i should have experienced it long time ago , but i guess i didn't have the right friends when i was a kid.My class organised several class parties as well as class trips where i was able to bond more closely with my classmates and get to know them even better.