Sunday, May 31, 2009

All rounder or A star student???

This question reflects my life a lot...which 1 would u like 2 be???
Personally i feel that sum ppl prefer 2 be a straight A student without having a life outside the WORLD OF BOOKS...y is that so??? the answer 2 that is very simple...STRESS(frm every1 around it parents,friends,relatives or just personal stress 2 be the best)
For me i want 2 be a all rounder...i just feel that we have only 1 life...every1 is entitled 2 live their lives the way they want it 2 be...y must STRESS from the ppl around u force us 2 be sumone we r not??? I may say this but i still want as many A as i can get...however i feel that i wanna achieve it differently frm others...haha sum ppl may say that this is only a dream and can never come true...but i feel that nuthing is impossible....
Being a medicine student that just finished my 1st yr...i know that it is not impossible...i didnt do as well as i wanted 2 do but i will not lose hope...i will strive 4 the best i can be but without comparing myself 2 others...every1 has his/her own abilities and strengths...every1 is stop comparing urself 2 others...u may just end up hurting that just plain STUPID???
look at the pictures below carefully...which 1 would u like 2 be...the 1st, the 2nd or in between the both???

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parvettttttto... finally u update :)